AHEAD 2020 Document Repository

WP NO Del Rel. No Del No Title Description Lead Beneficiary Nature Dissemination Level
WP3 D3.1 D15 First year workshop report Conference reports EGO Report Public
WP4 D4.2 D21 Report on open days, summer schools year 1 1st yearly report NOA Report Public
WP2 D2.2 D11 First year meetings and schools report Conferece reports UA Report Public
WP5 D5.1 D33 First activity reports 1st year activity rep. INAF Report Public
WP6 D6.2 D38 First year TA2 report 1st yearly report TA2 ULEIC Report Public
WP7 D7.1 D42 TA3 Webpage Website relevant to handling TA3 UNIGENEVE Report Public
WP7 D7.2 D43 First year TA3 report 1st yearly report TA3 UNIGENEVE Report Public
WP10 D10.2 D62 Report on the technical assembly including a handbook for MPO test setup Technical Report ULEIC Report Public
WP13 D13.2 D88 Technical note on experimental results of proton backscattering Technical Note INAF Report Public
WP15 D15.6 D103 Detailed design requirements of the TES spectrometer Document with detailed DR TAS Report Public