WP3 focuses on the Networking Activities for the synergies between gravitational wave and high energy astrophysics communities.
Links between observatories, interdisciplinary domains and the corresponding European agencies (APPEC, ASTRONET, ESO, etc.) were developed during the first 3 years of the project and several NAs were  organized by the partners, including:

  • The 1st Einstein Telescope annual meeting, EGOCascina, Pisa, November 15-17, 2022
  • The 2nd workshop on Multi-Messenger Astrophysics, EGO, Cascina, Pisa, October 10-12, 2022 with APPEC and Astronet
  • A R&D workshop on compact binary coalescence searches with multi-band template analysis, IN2P3 Lab, CNRS, Lyon, March 29, 2022
  • The 1st workshop on Low-latency alerts & Data analysis for Multi-messenger Astrophysics, January 13-14, 2022
  • A workshop on the future Einstein Telescope, Nuoro (Italy), November 8-11, 2021
  • The 1st International Workshop for Gravitational –Wave Detection on the Moon, EGO, Cascina, Pisa, October 14-15, 2021
  • The 2nd Gravi-Gamma Workshop, INFN, June 23-25, 2021