Facilities 2015-2019

AHEAD provides space scientists and engineers working in research institutes and small-medium entreprises with the possibility to make use, free-of-cost, of the best European experimental test/calibration facilities for their technology advancement. These facilities include X-ray beaming, thermal-vacuum chambers, vibration devices and space simulators. Within AHEAD, they can be potentially exploited for a wide range of applications i.e. instrumentation for exploration of the cosmos, planetology, solar and plasma physics and particle physics.


XACT installation at INAF-OAPA Palermo 

A view of the 35m long XACT OAPA facility


TVLAB, IPC, MEX installations at INAF-IAPS Roma

Thermal Vacuum Chamber
The TVlab thermal vacuum chamber
The plasma chamber INAF/IAPS
Clean Room
The MEX clean room at INAF/IAPS


LARIX-A and LARIX-T installation at UNIFE Ferrara

Larix Ferrara
A view of the LARIX-A hard X-ray facility


LLBTF and VBC installations at ULSRC Leicester

Leicester Long Beam
Leicester Long Beam-line Test Facility
Leicester Vacuum
Vacuum Bakeout Camera


SPATIAL at LAM/CNRS installation at Aix-Marseille University

ERIOS Thermal Vacuum
ERIOS 45m3 thermal/vacuum chamber in the ISO8 clean room and integration hall

FOCAL2 and Shaker 200 kN installations at CSL Liège Belgium

FOCAL2 (Thermal vacuum chamber 2m-diameter )
Shaker 200
Shaker 200 kN (high capacity shaker in clean environment )

Space Test Laboratories (SERMS and the EMC) at Università di Perugia

Thermal Vacuum Chamber