Travel Funding Rules


Hereafter some information on how AHEAD funds are used to support travel costs and related subsistence allowances:

Travel for Trans-National Access (TNA) and for Networking (Visitor Program)

The travel costs must be in line with the beneficiary’s usual practices on travel, each institute will use the rules they normally use for travel claims.

Therefore you should contact the organizer, before you spend any money, to establish what rules you should use and how to make a claim.

AHEAD makes no commitment to refund travel claims not pre-approved by the budget holder.

General Rules for travel refunded:

-Travel must be pre-approved.

– An estimate of the cost of the trips is required when requesting the travel.

– An e-mail request and e-mail confirmation is sufficient at this stage.

E-mail should be sent to the facility contact person and to the relevant WP leader:

  1. Salvatore Sciortino, for ground/test facility TNA
  2. Paul O’Brien, for X-ray data analysis TNA
  3. José Miguel Torrejon, for visitor program


NB: Your costs must be set out clearly and be supported by original receipts.


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