Based on AHEAD experience we plan to give access to a subsets of the best European ground test and calibration facilities selected to cover the most relevant needs of hardware developments and tests with special attention to high-energy astrophysics from space, but that can be used in a wider context. Those facilities are currently offered in the context of international and national collaborations or (rarely) via access costs at the expense of the external teams. With the implementation of the AHEAD2020 TNA, external team access costs will be covered with the support of the European Commission, strengthening scientific and technological exchanges. In particular, we foresee that such a facility network will enable access to teams in European and Associated Countries with no national access to ground facilities. Based on AHEAD experience we have built a TNA offer that covers a range of possible applications and needs and includes:  one big thermal vacuum chamber (FOCAL2 at CSL),  two shakers (at CSL and COSINE), a facility for testing thin filters (BBOTOC at CSL), a system of two beam lines at the Electra Synchrotron covering an ample range of energies (BABE at IOM-CNR), gamma/hard X-ray and soft X-ray general purpose beam-lines (at LARIX and XACT, respectively) and a soft X-ray beam line specialized for Silicon Pore (SP) optic testing (BeaTRiX).

XACT installation at INAF-OAPA Palermo

A view of the 35m long XACT OAPA facility

FOCAL2 and Shaker 200 kN installations at CSL Liège Belgium

FOCAL2 (Thermal vacuum chamber 2m-diameter )
Shaker 200 kN (high capacity shaker in clean environment)

LARIX-A and LARIX-T installation at UNIFE Ferrara

A view of the LARIX-A hard X-ray facility

Babe at IOM-CNR Trieste, Italy


COSINE Warmond, The Netherlands

Cosine Measurement System
Cosine Measurement System
Cosine Vibration Shaker

BEaTriX, INAF Ossertavtorio Astronomico di Brera 

Beam Expander Testing X-ray facility

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