AHEAD Background Workshop 2016

2016 november 28 – 29 – 30




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Within the framework of AHEAD, a European Horizon 2020 program, we are organizing a workshop mainly devoted to particles and their interaction with high energy space observatories with specific reference to the X-Ray observatory “ATHENA”, the second ESA large class mission.

The focus will be primarily on the effects of particles on detector background and damage. We plan to address different environments (e.g. low-earth orbit, high earth orbit, L1, L2 etc.) as well as different particles species, making use of data collected from existing missions.

Significant attention will be devoted to Monte Carlo tools, such as Geant4, which are used to evaluate the background intensity of existing and planned experiments. Indeed one of our goals is to bring together scientists from  the Geant4 community with those working on space missions to evaluate the usefulness of this tool and its validity for X-ray based-mission. An introductory course to Geant4 is foreseen just after the end of the workshop to help for this interaction. Furthermore, in the context of the upcoming ATHENA mission, attention will be dedicated to the solar wind charge exchange process which is responsible for one of the more elusive background components that future X-ray missions will have to deal with.

The following is a list of topics that will be adressed:

1) Plasma physics (particle environment)
2) Solar wind charge exchange
3) Background effects on science data from high energy missions to microwaves
4) Radiation Damage (from high energy missions to microwaves to planetology probes,…)
5) Geant4 (low energy electromagnetic physics)
6) Geant4-based tool for instrument modelling

We will bring together scientists from different communities (from high energies to microwaves) who have approached these topics from different angles with the goal of reaching a clearer and deeper understanding of the physical processes involved in the production of instrumental background and radiation damage, and of the instrument modelling by Geant4 which we hope will be useful in designing more effective X-ray experiments in future space missions.

No registration fee is requested to attend this workshop.

We have planned to have a 2-days full meeting workshop
start: Monday afternoon
end: Wednesday morning

Lunch and Cocktail menu

The workshop will be held in Rome, at Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology,
in the Tor Vergata Research Area (CNR). Via del Fosso del Cavaliere 100, 00133 ROMA.

Deadline for Abstract Submission extended: November, 16  2016

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The Scientific Organizing Committee:
C. Macculi   – INAF/IAPS Roma (Chair)
S. Molendi   – INAF/IASF Milano (co-Chair)
C. Jacquey   – IRAP
S. Lotti  – INAF/IAPS Roma
A. Mantero   – SWHARD
N. Meidinger – MPE
P. Nieminen  – ESA (TBC)

The Local Organizing Committee:
D. Martella
E. Pizzi
U. Zannoni
M. Fiocchi
M. D’Andrea

How to reach us                  How to reach us by public transport (bus line 509)               Hotel list in Frascati 

By public transport you can get the subway (Line “A”, orange) and get off at the last stop “Anagnina”. Then you take the bus 509 (run every 30 minutes) and get off at its last stop “Fosso del Cavaliere/CNR”. Pay attention that sometimes some run is skipped. Last run from Fosso del Cavaliere/CNR at 19:30. “Tickets are not available on board”