AHEAD Call for letter of interest

for participation to the HORIZON 2020 call INFRAIA-01-2018-2019: Integrating Activities for Advanced Communities

We solicit letters of interest (LoI) for participating to the next round of proposal for the Horizon 2020 research infrastructure program, in the context of the AHEAD project(Integrating Activities for High Energy Astrophysics).

LoI must include a plan of activities proposed for a specific WP, their scientific and/or technological compliance with the WP content, the goal, the expertise and facilities of the proponent group, partners and whether or not the proposal has been discussed with these partners, and a rough cost assessment.

LoI must be contained in a max 1 page.  Specific details on the required information can be found HERE:

LoI from research groups and industries at EU or at EU associated countries are welcome.

Deadline for submission is: September 15, 2018

LoI Application Form

Letter of interest will be reviewed by the AHEAD Management Team. The results and a general presentation of the AHEAD2 project will be given in a workshop that will take place around October/November 2018. Proponents will be notified in due time.

The AHEAD 1stcycle started in September 2015 and will end in February 2019. In order to continue the AHEAD activities within the current Horizon 2020 programme, we will apply to the competitive call opening on 14thNovember 2018. The 2019 call is for the so-called advanced communities, with a maximum allowed grant of 10MEuro per project. Only a limited number of communities is invited to propose. During its 1stcycle, AHEAD  has achieved a number of important objectives fully in agreement with the proposed workplan. Beyond a successful technology program, it has realized an efficient networking within the high energy community, fostering and coordinating new activities in the fields of public outreach, training of young  scientists, visiting program, meetings  and new collaborations.

Following a successful selection, the AHEAD 2ndcycle will cover a period of 4 years: approximately 2020-2023. The new program structure will follow closely the organizational scheme currently implemented, with WPs broadly classified into networking activities (NA), joint research activities (JRA) or transnational access activities (TA). See below for a detailed description. In the 2ndcycle, we foresee to open to new research activities as laboratory astrophysics, training in computational astrophysics and advanced tools for data analysis. In addition, we open the possibility to propose for the organization of new meetings/conferences and schools.

LoI Application Form